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"No matter how many pictures or documentaries you have seen, the only true way to experience Egypt is seeing it first hand. I can't emphasize having the right tour guide can make the experience seemless, worry free, and will ultimately end up being critical! Upon arriving in Cairo after my long flight, it was really fantastic to be greeted by a driver with my visa in hand and then taken straight to my hotel to rest a bit. The itinerary of each and every hotel we stayed at was amazing and seemed to get a little more beautiful as the stay progressed. Also, all the food from the restaurants and local dishes we we're introduced to was very tasty and delightful. The most important thing is having a guide that can get you into those locked doors that most people will never even know about or much less get the opportunity to see. In addition, having someone knowledgeable in reading hieroglyphics and being able to explain the different things you encounter is a must. Also, knowing someone else was videoing and taking pictures made each site more enjoyable because I could relax and didn't have to concern myself about missing that one picture. When returning to Egypt, I would choose Mohamed Ibrahim's and Erika Mermuse's tour again knowing the entire itinerary will always be well planned, amazing, and exciting!"

-Donny Schwartz, 2018

"My trip with Mohamed was in 2016.  He is a great guide in respect of: wealth of knowledge, takes his job seriously, punctual with timing, and a funny and caring person."         -Suad A.

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"In March of 2017 I spent two weeks in Egypt with Mohamed Ibrahim as our guide showing us the wonders of Egypt. I found Mohamed to be very personable and accommodating to everyone’s questions and opinions. He is extremely knowledgeable of both the dynastic Egyptian period and the pre-dynastic period. What’s more, he is open about both what is known and what is not known, and there is a lot that is not known. On this trip I met Erika Mermuse. On the first day she introduced herself as a professional singer. Little did I know what she would add to the Egyptian experience. Not only is she a professional singer but also a student of sound, harmonics and vibration. As we began to tour the ancient sites, Erika began to tone in the chambers. Her voice was magical as she tested the chambers for their harmonics. Many of us just stopped and listened and eventually we began to join in. This culminated in the last night as the entire group toned together in the King’s Chamber of the great pyramid. The energy was extraordinary. Erika’s talent and passion added an element to the tour that can only be described as priceless. It is something I will never forget and it inspired me to pursue more knowledge on the subjects of sound and vibration. Thank you!"                          -David C.


"There are moments in time which can be defined as 'opportunities of a lifetime.' This is how I felt after I had gone on The Sacred Sound of Egypt Tour 2018. From a spiritual perspective, Doors Open, and you find yourself literally in a land considered - and is - one of the Ancient Wonders of the World. While a picture may say a thousand words, experiencing the Ancient sites and vibrations in person cannot be described but felt - a dimension in time and space where you know you have been there before. The Ancient knowledge, wisdom, and healing energies of these sites were described in detail by our guide Mohamed Ibrahim. Mohamed's knowledge of the history and ancient writings of these sites is remarkable and highly recommended. The itinerary of the tour package included access to some areas that are not generally experienced by other Tours, and this makes the Sacred Sound of Egypt Tour very special. Many thanks to Erika Mermuse who arranged this tour and the effort she put into it, and especially the vibrations and toning in the Sacred sites and Temples. While on this tour I felt safe, and Mohamed took us to places that felt like home. I could go on further, but you have to experience Egypt yourself. Doors are opening..."

-Philip DeLong, 2018

"Mohamed is truly the Guide Of Egypt... I've seen ancient Egypt coming alive through his enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge.  His punctuality, seriousness, perfect organization, and sense of humour makes the trip an unforgettable experience!"                                                            -Gihane M.

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"I had the pleasure of traveling to Egypt with Erika and Mohamed in March, 2017. Mohamed put together a First Class tour, from transportation to accommodations! Mohamed's knowledge of Egyptian history and writing conveys the true story of an ancient civilization. Erika's toning in the temples resonates to the soul and brings heaven to earth that literally changed my DNA. After two hours meditating in the King's Chamber as Erika toned cleansed my entire body. I haven't felt a need to meditate since! In fact, I am still integrating the energy received from that trip and it's been almost a year!"                              -John L.

Mohamed Ibrahim and Erika Mermuse

Mohamed Ibrahim and Erika Mermuse

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